Skething Dimmeys in Richmond

A group of USkers met at sketched along Swan Street, Richmond. We had plenty to sketch, and there are public benches on just about every corner so we didn’t have to sit on the concrete (for a change).


Dimmey’s is a century old landmark in Richmond. It is being developed into a supermarket and appartments. It’s a hertitage listed building, and until recently the shop stocked super cheap products.

I found a nice spot sketching from a cafe called ‘Meatballs‘. Interestingly the clock doesn’t work. The hands are set to midday, and there are no numerals on the face, instead it reads ‘D I M M E Y S S T O R E’

We met at 1pm to share… and as you can see from the collection of books below I hadn’t started painting when we met. The globe/dome on top of the clock has these wonderful turquoise colours. Does anyone know those why green/turquoise domes look that way? (Is it something to do with copper?)


Dimmeys Richmond urbansketching IMG_7096-800 IMG_7102-800


Melbourne sketchers head to Grampians

A group of us from Melbourne (Evelyn, Angela, Ilze, Muzo, Umut, Anne and myself) packed up our bags and jumped in a car to have a long 4-day weekend sketching in the Grampians in early November. It was an excellent weekend for cooking up feasts, drinking wine, toasting marshmallows, animal spotting and sketching from sunrise to sunset (and usually late-ish into the night as well).

We had many stops along the way including a vintage shop, lots of nature walks with gorgeous views and waterfalls, and who can pass at a chance to stop a winery. We sketched everywhere we went, including on the journey in the car.



We stopped at a massive vintage shop called Mill Markets in Ballarat (they could have left me there for four days to just sketch all the goodies). Followed with a stop at the Lake Wendouree for some lunch, some more sketching, and then headed to see the Ferntree Falls, Buangor State Park. We stayed in Halls Gap, and they have great little markets to pick up some fresh baked goodies.


Another day with nature: We sat and sketched the Silverband Falls, and the Venus Baths. On the evenings we came across kangaroos in the sports field, and also just across from the YHA hostel.


We walked up to the outlook of The Balconies where we took up one end of the lookout while we sketched. A few kids came over, and watched us sketching. One of them said ‘I wish I had my notebook’, to which Angela offered her some paper and pencil. Before we knew it we had a bunch of kids, and we shared our tools around. They sat on the rocks and our group suddenly doubled. We joked that it was essentially was a makeshift Day Centre as we had about 5-6 kids joining us all focused on sketching and painting. The parents thought it was great, as they spend a good 20 – 30 mins with us. They were all really into it, and we showed them how to use the watercolour. The littlest one painted a house in her Grampians picture. They said they are going to get some watercolours when they went home.





The hike down to the McKenzie Waterfalls is well worth the view. Angela, Evelyn and I perched ourselves on a tall rock to sketch half way down.


We went hunting for tour of an old woolshed. It ended up being a half fallen down due to termites etc. We battled the flies, and thankfully didn’t see any snakes.

DAY FOUR – 5 Nov – Melbourne Cup Day

Emus wandering near the camping site are apparently completely normal. I started a list of all the fauna we saw (we didn’t see any koala, but the list was pretty long).

Melbourne Cup day is a public holiday for Victorians. It also happened to be my birthday. The sketchers sang me happy birthday at one of the lookouts. We stopped at a few towns on the way home including the Three Sisters Rocks. Followed with a stop at Seppelt Winery (Great Western) and sketched the Lodge. The girls did some impromptu yoga on the grass, and we soaked up some sun.



We stopped for a late lunch and to see the race. We had one last stop to sketch the Beaufort Fire Station. I drew it and then painted only the sky. As a bit of an experiment – I drew it again and painted just the building and trees.


5 minute portraits

It has become a bit of a tradition when we sketch all day into the evening to do 5 min portraits (usually over a glass of wine or two) of each other on little artist cards. The person you sketch gets to keep the portrait, so I have a great little collection now. There are always a few quiet hurried minutes of sketching, followed with people saying ‘sorry’ (as we have gotten some feature wrong), and then a lot of laughing.

Below is the owner of Grub cafe in Fitzroy. We got chatting away to him and he taught an arts course and got his students to do portraits of him. So the four of us each did a portrait of him. Mine is the top right.


Here’s the portraits the four of us on that same night as above (Evelyn – first row, Angela – forth row, Anne – third row  and myself – second row) did of each other.


We’ve been doing these portraits for quite a number of months. None of us can pin point when or why we started exactly… my guess is around August. I like seeing all the variety of the styles and how people try to capture certain features that define a person.


Sketching in Richmond, Melbourne

Our Melbourne sketching group met up in Bridge Road, Richmond. It goes to show how much attention I pay to my surrounding when I am on the tram. I swear I must have been past this sign hundreds of times and yet never really looked at it or knew what it was for. Pelaco is a tshirt brand… I found out!

We sketched in a back street away from traffic and this is Angela perched against a sign also sketching. I quite like the monotone and think I might experiment a bit more in it.


I also had never noticed that these two building which are called Theobald’s Buildings (heritage listed). I guess conjoined buildings were quite the norm back in the day. Now a cafe is situated below. And just one door down is a really good dumpling restaurant called ‘I love dumplings‘. Don’t let the name turn your off, because lets face it I DO LOVE DUMPLINGS.


Sketching trip to Malaysia

It was my first trip to Asia. I was glad Evelyn could order the food. We stayed in really nice 5 star hotels with pools, but mostly ate street food. It was a bit luxury, and R&R, but we managed to get in quite a lot of sketching.

We spent a couple of days in Kuala Lumpur, and then caught a bus to Penang. We met up with some of the local Penang sketchers for dinner.

We headed back to KL for a few more days of shopping, pampering and sketching.

IMG_5548 IMG_5580 IMG_5586 IMG_5592 IMG_5598 IMG_5603

Drawing August

I decided to participate in a twitter organised drawing event. We drew and posted a sketch each day. I decided to make it a little more challenging and made my theme ‘yellow’. I ended up roping in friends and colleagues to bring in yellow things when I got stuck. Here’s my 31 days of August.


Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5


Day 6


Day 7


Day 8


Day 9


Day 10


Day 11


Day 12


Day 13


Day 14


Day 15


Day 16


Day 17


Day 18


Day 19


Day 20


Day 21


Day 21 – Sam let me sketch her cool shoes, and she was wearing a yellow cardie.


Day 22


Day 23


Day 24


Day 25


Day 26


Day 27
(I accidentally wrote the wrong date on my sketch)


Day 28
(I wrote the wrong date in my sketchbook)

Day 29

Day 29


Day 30

Day 31

Trip to Tasmania









Evelyn and I went on a sketching trip to Tasmania. We few flew into Hobart, and hired a car and drove up the east coast. We went on walks, at lots of yummy food, visited a wildlife park and went to the Mona gallery.

IMG_3928 IMG_4064 IMG_4045 IMG_3983 IMG_4073 IMG_4086 IMG_4206 IMG_4224 IMG_4218 IMG_4208 IMG_4208 IMG_3999